Joel brings over 15 years of healthcare experience to Eruptr and we welcome him as Vice President of Sales. Prior to joining our team, Joel spearheaded the strategic marketing and development of Medicom Health Interactive’s Personal Health Profilers. The profilers capture pertinent user data and determine at risk stages for ailments such as heart disease.

While marketing the risk assessments to hospitals, Joel identified gaps hospitals have today in improving marketing efficiencies and patient outreach. He works with his clients to pinpoint solutions that improve effectiveness, increase patient acquisition and maximize online marketing budgets.

Joel has presented at multiple national conferences on healthcare marketing, has served on the Minnesota Health Strategy & Communications Network board, and also has served two years on SHSMD committees for scholarships and patient engagement.

Joel has a double Master’s degree, lives in Minnesota with his wife and 3 children, and is a volunteer hockey coach for two of his kids’ teams.