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Why Eruptr?

In today’s challenging landscape with issues such as the economy, healthcare reform, dwindling budgets and increased competition to name a few; marketing budgets must be utilized effectively to achieve results. Now more than ever, hospital marketers are being tasked to show ROI and increased patient volume to marketing dollars spent.

Eruptr delivers over 100 years of healthcare experience to our clients. We developed the company specifically to solve the online marketing challenges of today. Our team includes marketing experts from some of the nation’s leading healthcare systems who understand the internal challenges departments face.

We work with care providers across the country to provide outcomes to demanding marketing issues that create lift for hospitals, service lines and physicians. Eruptr campaigns increase awareness, patient conversions, competitive leverage and ROI.

Eruptr realizes that online healthcare marketing is extremely competitive in local, regional and national markets where specialty care and advanced medicine are critical patient decisions. Our campaigns ensure your hospital and services are visible to potential patients who often spend countless hours online searching for services, doctors, and specialties.

What we deliver

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Target users at the exact moment they are searching on Google, Bing & Yahoo.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Longer term approach to increase non-paid traffic across major search engines.
  • Banner Advertising – Increase your reach through 100’s of online publishers with our real time bidding platform.
  • Social Media Advertising – Connect with targeted interest groups on Facebook, YouTube and others
  • Conversion Solutions – Registration forms, Call Tracking, Online Appointment Scheduling, Risk Assessments, Chat Applications, and more
  • Landing Pages – Development of mobile, tablet and desktop responsive pages that increase user conversions.
  • A Team of Health Care Experts – With extensive backgrounds working within hospital digital marketing departments.
  • Speed to Market – Rapid deployment and launching of campaigns to quickly deliver your message to patients.

Conversion Tactics

Eruptr uses a variety of conversion tactics to support your campaign and drive real, measurable results. Eruptr will work closely with your team on ideas for a landing page with strong calls to action to entice users to convert.

Dynamic Call Tracking

Measure new leads by tracking qualified patients that call to register for an appointment, find out more information and sign up for services with a dynamic phone number specific to your campaign.

Online Form Registrations

We’ll help you tie the number of real conversions back to your digital campaign. Determine true ROI by tracking potential patients to your CRM.

Health Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are a powerful tool that allow users to assess their health and risk factors. Capture super-qualified leads with online Health Risk Assessments.

Where we started

Eruptr founders, J.K. Lloyd and Kevin Minnelli were early employees of, an online health site started by Steve Case, co-founder of AOL. The portal was designed to give users the tools, information and support to manage their health and wellness. It was during this journey, that J.K. and Kevin saw a need in the marketplace for Search, Social and importantly conversion solutions for hospitals and care providers.

Kevin Minnelli is a Certified Project Manager Professional (PMP) with over 20 years of IT management and marketing experience and holds a Masters of Science from Johns Hopkins University. Prior to founding Eruptr, he worked as a consultant with Resonate Networks, an ad network in Alexandria Virginia which was formed by DDC Advocacy. His role with Resonate touched everything from campaign management and optimization to redesigning internal processes within the ad serving platform. Before Resonate, he was a senior project manager and manager of online advertising operations for Revolution Health, a Steve Case start-up in Washington DC, where he successfully designed and managed the largest health network on the web. In the past he also managed the Walt Disney online and offline marketing database, worked and successfully consulted for: USinternetworking, The National Institutes of Health, General Electric, Thomson Reuters, Citibank and Merrill Lynch. His vast consulting experiences and development and management of systems make him an excellent choice to design and manage Eruptr’s operation and optimization systems.
J.K. Lloyd has over 20 years of experience in developing strategic client relationships, team management, growth strategy and bringing solutions to clients that impact their bottom line. Prior to co-founding Eruptr, J.K. was one of the first employees of, the fastest growing online Heath Company created by Steve Case, co-founder of AOL. He was instrumental in creating, developing and spearheading a new vertical of hospital advertising strategy, sales and revenue for the company. Prior to Revolution Health, J.K. worked for Robert Half International, publicly traded on the NYSE, with over 350 offices worldwide where he managed Robert Half Technology and Management Resources Finance Divisions. In addition, J.K. was President of TriTel Resources, a full service staffing firm; other companies range from consulting services to Healthcare. The internet is the fastest growing medium for targeting consumers and patients and J.K. is committed to helping businesses and hospitals increase awareness and revenue through online engagement.


A Sample List of Healthcare Marketing Campaigns

Branding Campaigns Diabetes Liver Transplant Pediatric Neurology
Back & Spine Electrophysiology Long Term/Acute Care Pediatrics
Bariatric/Weight Loss Surgery Emergency Room Lung Cancer Peripheral Artery Disease
Bariatric/Weight Loss Assessment Esophageal Cancer Lung Cancer Risk Assessment Podiatry
Birthing Center General Cancers Lung Transplant Post Acute Care
Bone Marrow Transplant Hip Pain/Replacement Lymphoma Primary Care
Brain Cancer/Tumor Hodgkin/Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Mammogram Prostate Cancer
Breast Cancer Home Care Mitral/Aortic Valve Prostate Risk Assessment
Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Hospice Care Myeloma Radiation Oncology
Cardiac Heart Risk Assessment Immediate/Urgent Care Neurology Rehab Centers
Cardiovascular Joint Pain Obstetrics/Gynecology Senior & Assisted Living
Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Joint Replacement Oncology Sleep
Cleft Lip Kidney Transplant Orthopedics Stroke
Clinical Trials Knee Pain/Replacement Orthopedic Hip/Knee Assessment Stroke Risk Assessment
Colo-Rectal Cancer LASIK Orthopedic Back/Neck Assessment Weight Management
Concierge Medicine Leukemia Pancreatic Cancer Wound Care/Healing
Cosmetic Surgery Liver Cancer Pediatric Cardiology  …and many more



A Sample of Our Healthcare Clients

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