The Eruptr Team recently listened in to Google’s recent ads and commerce event – Google Marketing Next. This annual keynote looks at the latest forces and trends shaping the future of marketing. Some of it is more relevant than others when it comes to healthcare but it’s always good to see what challenges/opportunities exist outside the healthcare space. Here are two key takeaways from the event and how we think they’ll impact the healthcare space.

1. How people search will continue to evolve

Mobile has conditioned consumers to turn to their devices in I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do, and I-want-to-buy micro-moments. Now the ways people get assistance will evolve too, from typing on devices to speaking to them. For example, in the Google app, 20% of searches are now by voice. And that’s just a preview of what’s to come.

Micro-moments are set to accelerate. And as they multiply, consumers will expect more useful, personal interactions throughout their research and purchase journeys. Mobile will continue to raise the bar.

So what does this mean for you?
As search engine marketing continues to evolve, we’re evolving right along with it, working closely with our Google Premier Partner managers to ensure we are on the forefront of the latest Google tools and features. The way Eruptr produces and manages campaigns focuses on healthcare’s bread and butter – the treatment seeker (i.e. – conversion drivers). So we’re utilizing a variety of keyword formats to ensure our clients’ ads are appearing to the right people at the right time – whether they are using voice search or conducting a traditional Google search.

2. Consumers want a streamlined mobile experience

Getting the mobile fundamentals right is critical. To stay ahead of consumer needs, it’s important to lay the groundwork with mobile now. Marketers need to think about optimizing their brand’s entire mobile footprint to ensure success in the future. And speed is key here. No matter how great your mobile site looks, if it loads slowly, users will abandon it. For every second delay in mobile page load, conversions can fall by up to 20%!

So what does this mean for you? 
As we all know, a streamlined mobile experience is key. Many of our clients are working to overhaul their sites and even those with responsive sites face challenges. So we offer landing page services where we focus on building landing pages with clear calls to action that load quickly and display the CTAs above the fold – across desktop, mobile and tablets. Additionally, we can easily A/B test, which allows our clients the flexibility to test out different CTAs, imagery, etc. No matter what, if you’re not sending users to a responsive page, you’re missing out on new patients. Patience is not a virtue for the digital consumer.

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