Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Target your audience at the exact moment they are searching on Google, Bing & Yahoo for your services, products and offerings. Our relationship with Google and Microsoft Ad Center allow us to capture almost 100% of the U.S. market search audience. Importantly, Eruptr’s cutting-edge technology captures real conversions that equate to ROI to marketing dollars spent. Using a mixture of tactics, we constantly monitor and optimize campaigns to deliver maximum outcomes.

Google Partnership

Our team is certified in Google Ads and highly trained in specialized areas such as Search, Mobile, Video and Display. We are a Google Premier Partner which allows us to test new releases and technologies ahead of the competition. We are one of a handful of agencies that are able to test pilot new beta programs and releases with Google, while also having our own, dedicated team of Google experts.



Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaigns

We deliver the volume of potential patients through Search Advertising Solutions.

  • We bid on and purchase effective keywords to target your audience.
  • We create high impact ads with  strong call to action that deliver search driven results.
  • Advertising at the exact time users are searching for solutions and treatment.
  • We constantly manage and optimize campaigns to ensure maximum results.

Banner & Remarketing Campaigns



  • Eruptr brings the power of banner advertising that engages patients intelligently and efficiently on a massive scale through our real time bidding platform.
  • Eruptr serves ads on user rich and content-centric sites with targeting based on geography, age, gender, purchasing habits, HHI and behavioral targeting.
  • We use a unique, industry-changing technique. Historically, agencies gauge performance on CTR (Click Through Rate) instead of number of visitors, they also charge for ads by CPM (Cost Per Thousand). Eruptr uses a CPC (Cost Per Click) model, meaning a cost is incurred only when a user engages with an ad. Our methodology helps create cost-effective campaigns that deliver results.

Display Text Campaigns


Eruptr positions around specific websites and related content/articles. Using the power of search, we can target your campaigns around specific, targeted keywords and contextual targets.

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