SEO Consulting Services

Eruptr can help you take your website to the next level with our experts that identify gaps and implement SEO solutions that make a difference.

  • Comprehensive SEO Site Audit: Eruptr assesses your existing website for adherence to SEO best practices, identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • SEO Competitive Analysis: Eruptr will analyze nearly 100 important site characteristics that influence a website’s ability to perform well in web search
  • Keyword Research: We identify the most important search terms that drive traffic to your website as well as your competitors
  • Page Level Optimization: Eruptr will provide specific page level recommendations, leveraging the Keyword Research described above
  • Keyword Performance Reporting: Eruptr will set up an SEO Keyword Reporting tool, enabling you to receive automated weekly dashboard reports that display the performance of the site’s most important keywords
  • SEO Diagnostic Reporting: We track and report against a series of diagnostic indicators intended to monitor the overall health of your website’s presence in the major search engines
  • Local SEO Performance Management & Reporting: Eruptr will set up a Local SEO Management and Reporting tool to manage your various locations in numerous local directories, including Google My Business, Yelp, YellowPages, Facebook and many more
  • SEO Training: Eruptr will conduct an online SEO Training session for your editorial and technical staff, focusing on SEO best practices
  • On-Going SEO Consulting: Eruptr will be available for consulting by telephone and email to answer general questions and concerns about SEO best practices on an as-needed basis
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